Is the key to reversing type 2 diabetes hidden within an ancient Hindu manuscript?

Find out how a simple 5 second daily habit can control your erratic blood sugar levels for life.

As my wife slammed her foot on the breaks, I saw our lives flash right before our eyes.

Fear pulsated through my body. My first instinct was “Are my grandchildren in the back seat going to be ok?”

After the impact of the crash and the commotion that took place in the ensuing seconds following…

I turned my head around to check on my grandchildren…

By god’s grace both grandchildren were unscathed. 

Both with confused looks on their faces they asked….

“Grandpa is Nana alright”?

My wife of 42 years and their Grandma was not alright.

She had just suffered a diabetic related seizure …

Causing her to lose control of the driver’s wheel…

Crashing into an innocent man on his motorcycle.

Fortunately, he survived but not without serious bodily damage...

Injuries that put him into a medically-induced coma.

The memory of leaving our local county fair that day is engraved in my mind forever.
My wife Susan and I had a day that dreams were made of.

A warm summer day, bright blue skies with a perfect breeze…

A full day with our beloved grandchildren.

Filled with rides, games, stuffed animals and corn dogs.

That day though quickly turned into a nightmare in a matter of seconds. ..
Before that crash my wife suffered from type 2 diabetes for just over 8 years .

Gaining over 51 pounds during this time.

She was fatigued daily, and her overall health had diminished drastically.

She suffered daily from the many side effects that come along with high blood sugar levels….
  • High Cholesterol
  • Frequent urination
  • Nerve Pain
  • ​Blurred vision
  • ​Heart Disease
  • ​High Blood Pressure
  • ​Constant Dehydration
To name a few.
Her life was filled with daily finger pricks and expensive toxic meds.

All putting her in a constant state of depression with no hope in sight that this could all end one day.

It did not help that her doctors kept telling her…

“Type 2 diabetes was not a reversible disease and that it could only be managed at best.”

Day after day month after month her health was quickly deteriorating.

Some days it seemed as if we were counting down the days until her suffering would end.

I refused to bear witness to my wife living like this. Living a life with no optimism or hope.

This never say die attitude of mine is what led me to discover a miraculous Hindu medical manuscript dating back to 600 BC that saved my wife’s life and restored her health back to its normal healthy state.

A medical manuscript written by “The King” of modern-day medicine and surgery…. 

Literature that is now the foundation for virtually all medicine and medical practices around the world today.

Knowledge that is now used at…

The Harvard Center For Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology, The School of Medicine at UCLA…

And dozens of other prestigious medical and research institutions across the globe.

His writings revealed what is now known as the “3 invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes”.

These medical writings that were overlooked and mistranslated for over 2000 years….

Gave my wife Susan the secret key to destroying the 3 invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes.

Leading to my wife reversing her type 2 diabetes…

Melting pounds of extra fat off her body…

Gaining back full control of her life and her health all within 30 days.
A long-lost all-natural solution that is so simple and effective...

That no matter how severe your type 2 diabetes is…

How long you have had it for….

Or what your family medical history is...

Can be implemented into your daily routine in the comfort of your own home in a matter of seconds each day.

Enabling you to reverse your type 2 diabetes.…

Taking back control of your health and life from the grips of type 2 diabetes...

Just like my wife Susan did.
A solution that also will enable you to ditch the toxic prescription meds that corrupt big pharma loves feeding diabetics…

Saving you thousands of dollars of yearly medical expenses.

This all-natural solution has now saved the lives of 76,367 people and counting from across the world.

You too can start using this simple secret once you understand the truth about type 2 diabetes.

So, you might be thinking this all sounds too good to be true and rightfully so….

But in the next few minutes….

You are going to discover that everything you thought you knew about type 2 diabetes is wrong.

You cannot control type 2 diabetes with medications or insulin.

Because they do not treat the root cause of type 2 diabetes.

They only treat the symptoms.

These prescription drugs and injections can actually make your type 2 diabetes even worse…

Increasing your chances of death.

You will also find out how my wife’s near-death experience led us to discover the simple “5 second daily ritual”…

A ritual she used to eliminate the three invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes and also….

Shed 46 pounds of weight off her body…

Rejuvenate her body from the inside out giving her energy levels she has not felt since she was in her 20’s .
Giving her back the health and quality of life that she had been missing ever since she was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic 8 years ago.

Freeing her from the shackles of type 2 diabetes.

This same simple daily ritual that healed-

Rick S., age 61, 
from Florida, who said:

"I had been taking meds for 6 years metformin, insulin you name it! Nothing was able to control my sugar levels. After following what I discovered in this presentation here my blood sugar levels are consistently stable. I even enjoy sugary treats freely."

It also helped Nichole M., age 74,
from Australia, who said:

"This presentation changed my life. I am very happy with the results. My blood sugar is stable, and I have more energy. I lost on average 4 pounds a week for the first 3 months using the product. It's great. "
Let me introduce myself. I’m Dan Pulman and I’m an office manager at a medical and research laboratory here in East Lansing Michigan. 

If you’re wondering why I am sharing the story of my wife Susan and her struggle with type 2 diabetes…

It is because her trials and tribulations with the disease…

Has now led us to helping and curing tens of thousands of other type 2 diabetics like yourself.

And our goal is to keep going…

Until we free the shackles of type 2 diabetes off every type 2 diabetic and pre diabetic that is being affected by the unforgiving disease.

When my wife finally came to consciousness…

After she was taken to the hospital due to our horrific accident, she had a dazed and confused look in her eyes.

As she stared up at the faces of our entire family and the doctor in the Emergency room, she asked us…

“What happened?”

Unfortunately, I had for the most part nothing but bad news to tell her….

I had to tell her that as we were leaving the county fair making a left-hand turn onto Oak Street…
She went into a diabetic seizure due to her blood sugar being a frightening 512 mg/dl …

Lost control of the wheel and clipped an oncoming motorcyclist.

Aside from that the good news was myself and our grandchildren and were all ok.

And by the grace of god the driver of the motorcycle while suffering serious injuries at the time went on to a full recovery.

Not to my surprise her facial expression went from confused to sad….

As she realized that the day her health completely failed her had finally arrived.

Although saddened she was not surprised this happened.

You see Susan was going on her 8th year since she was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic.

With each passing year the disease's shackles took a tighter and tighter grip on her life.

To the point where our life of retirement went from the dream, we worked so hard for all our lives...

To her now being a prisoner of her high blood sugar levels.

Susan and I met while attending the University of Georgia

We lived what some would say a normal life after graduating college. 
A typical middle-class suburban lifestyle…

Spring days spent at the park watching our two boys in little league baseball…

Summer bbq’s on the lake…

Brisk fall nights watching our daughter play AYSO soccer…

Our three beautiful children all went on to become parents themselves.
We even had our annual family summer vacation to Florida.

It’s fair to say we did well for ourselves and our children.

We were always thinking about our future and the future of our family.

Our kids left the house and went off to college when we were both in our 50’s.

For us this signaled that our retirement was right around the corner and we were ecstatic!

We were looking forward to it with so much optimism and excitement.

But that all came to a crashing halt right after Susan’s 58 birthday.

On what was her routine yearly physical….

The doctor told her those 5 fateful words…
“You have Type 2 Diabetes”

This came as a bit of a shock to both of us as we both lived healthy and normal lifestyles.

We were never the most active and athletic couple…

But we would go for walks around the neighborhood occasionally and play couples tennis together on the weekends.

We had packed on some pounds throughout the years as most do with age but nothing that was worrying at any point.

We would indulge in our nightly desserts and adult beverages...

But nothing we ever expected would lead to type 2 diabetes in her life.

For the first couple years Susan tried everything to control her erratic blood sugar levels-

Strict fad diets like keto, paleo, atkins she even went vegan for a short period of time.

She tried energy zapping workout programs that left her lifeless after she completed them.

Of course, she tried all the doctor prescribed meds-

Metformin, Insulin, Amaryl. You name it she was prescribed it by her doctors.

She followed every instruction her doctors gave her to the T.

Sadly, nothing worked…

Her blood sugar levels were still out of control and the meds only gave her….

Heartburn, stomach pains, bloating, burning nerve sensations, joint pain and fatigue.

She did not handle this well.

She began to question- “Why me?” 

“Why would my body fail me now when I had so much in life to look forward to.”

I personally hoped this was a problem my wife Susan could overcome with some more hard work and dedication...

And we would easily go on to happily living the blessed life god had already granted us.

Soon heading into retirement…

Moving into our dream home on the Gulf Coast of South West Florida…

Riding out our golden years under the sun in peace and harmony.

But boy was I wrong. 
Susan began living life with a victim’s mentality.

Frustration, anger, and resentment ruled her life.

It began to take a huge toll on the emotional well-being not only on her but myself and the rest of our family.

So much so that our grandkids were not visiting as much as before.

What used to be the highlight of our weekends had now become a rare occurrence.

So I asked my son Stan and daughter in law Rachel-

“Why don’t the kids want to come visit Grandma and Grandpa as much as before?”

They told me bluntly-

“The kids tell us grandma always seems to complain every time they want to play with her and she never has the energy to do anything with them.”

This I knew to be true as I saw it first hand.

Her doctor’s solutions of …

Feeding her pills …

Daily insulin injections and…

Restrictive bland diets never improved her condition.

Unfortunately, our entire family's hope for Susan to live a healthy and happy life heading into retirement began to dwindle as well.

Nothing was helping to improve her blood sugar levels they kept getting worse.

Her doctors told her-

“Type 2 diabetes can only be controlled, and it is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life.”

Her hope and optimism lessened with each passing year. She felt helpless.

Everyday she was stressing about which foods to eat and which ones not to….

Then feeling guilty afterwards if she enjoyed some donuts or chocolate chip cookies.

With each passing year after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes things kept getting worse and worse…

More layers of fat being packed on her body…

Higher doses of insulin and metformin…

Aches and pains from her diabetic related neuropathy…

Blurred Vision…

No energy…

We were watching her health deteriorate right before our eyes.
Medical bills were stacking up and starting to eat a hole into our retirement savings.

No matter how much I tried to help and motivate her she did nothing about it…

She kept sinking in a deeper hole of depression and loss of hope.

It literally all came to a crashing halt that day at the fair with our grandchildren.

The Doctor in the emergency room told Susan-

“You should have died today”.

“Your blood sugar levels reached 512 (mg/dL) I have never seen anyone with blood sugar levels this high.”

 “You are lucky to be alive. If you don’t start to take better care of your blood sugar levels, you might not be so lucky in the future.”

After her seizure Susan spent a few days being monitored in the ER and then she was discharged.

Our entire family was excited to have her back home...

We also realized there was a good chance something like this could happen again.

On our way back home, Susan seemed defeated. She told me-

“I’m sick of being a burden on the entire family. I am embarrassed things have come to this point with my health Dan.”

I told her-

“Honey I understand but please don’t give up hope. Our entire family loves you and we will do whatever it takes to help you get back your health and the life we all know you deserve.”
As we sat down for our first dinner back home…

She looked me in the eyes with a look of determination…

That I had not seen from her since she was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 8 years ago and she told me-

“Dan I can’t continue being a burden on our family. I can’t continue struggling through life every day. We have so much more life to live happily together and so many future plans.”
“I will no longer let type 2 diabetes control me. I cannot go on living like this any longer. It is time for a change.”

This was music to my ears that shot a bolt of adrenalin and optimism through my entire body.

I was ecstatic!

I told her honey “We will defeat this disease together.

That is when I began my mission. To find a lifelong natural solution to destroy type 2 diabetes.

We knew it was not going to be an easy battle, but we believed it was possible. 

After spending months on end researching online for a solution...I couldn’t find anything new.

The same old diets, low carb, low fat, keto and paleo.

The same old treatments, medications, injections and pumps.

I did not let that discourage me though.

I continued my pursuit for a solution.

Searching libraries all around our town…
For any literature and documents that could give us the breakthrough we were desperately in search of.

I visited universities, doctors you name it!

I even spoke to other diabetics and holistic doctors looking for some type of remedy….

Still nothing…

After months in search of a solution with no success I became discouraged and didn’t know what else to do.

I began to wonder if it was just a matter of time until something bad would happen to Susan again…

Only this time she would wake up with a foot amputated or even worse...not wake up at all.

One of my last resorts was to speak to one of my co-workers Dr. Mat Carter …
He worked with me at the research lab I was an office manager at and was one of our head research formulators.

He also happened to be one of my best friends at the office.

I knew this was going to be a bit of a stretch as all the medical laboratory scientists at my workplace were under strict NDA’s.

They were not allowed to discuss any of their past or on ongoing research.
In the 12 plus years I worked with him and the countless lunches and outings we had together…

He had never spoken about nor disclosed to me anything that went on behind closed doors in the research lab.

Our conversations were always social in nature and never involved anything work related.

This, even despite his knowledge of the suffering and near-death experience Susan had.

I knew I was going to have to demonstrate to him how desperate my wife and I were….

In order to obtain some sort of information that might help her restore her health and save her life.
So, one chilly autumn day Dr. Carter and I went to our traditional Thursday lunch break spot Chilis…

This lunch though ended up being different then all the other lunches we had together.

I remember it as if it was yesterday.

After the waitress completed our order, I told Matt-

“Matt, I know our company’s policies with non-disclosure agreements. In the 12 plus years that we have been co-workers I have never asked you about anything that goes on behind the scenes.”
“This despite my wife’s ongoing complications with type 2 diabetes.”

“But today is different. I need to ask you a favor. Susan is suffering, and I fear she is nearing her final days.

“Can you please share with me any insight or knowledge on what we can do to get her health back?” 

Matt looked at me as if I should have known better.

He said- “Dan you are one of my best friends and I have known you for years, but I cannot jeopardize my career by disclosing any company info and you know this.”

I then pleaded with him and told him how desperate I was, and that Susan’s life was at stake.

With a look of guilt on his face he said…

“I will do this for you once and one time only, because I love you and Susan, and I know the suffering the two of you have been experiencing.”

“I am going to tell you a secret that your doctors and big pharma do not want you to know.”
“Type 2 diabetes is a business and a BIG ONE. It is a 50-billion-dollar industry annually in the U.S. alone.”

“The only way this industry stays afloat and makes this kind of money is by managing type 2 diabetes in patients and never curing it.

“If we had an effective solution big corporations would go out of business. They do not want a solution.”

“In fact, on countless occasions myself and other researchers proposed funding further research on studies that showed the potential of eradicating type 2 diabetes.”
“Every time we proposed funding for this it has either been ignored or I was told there was no budget available for it.”

“As you know Dan big pharma funds and backs all the clinical research done at our lab.”

“So all of our research is dictated by them and it is all based on coming up with new synthetic drugs that are beneficial for their bottom line. That quite frankly are meant to only to maintain it to a level where diabetics have to keep coming back for more.”

“And this is the same case for hundreds of other research labs across the country.”

“I like most medical researchers. I am just a spoke in the big wheel that is the big pharma industry.”

“I do the research and tests that the big pharma bosses mandate and fund. Unfortunately, my hands are tied when it comes to doing anything beyond what they mandate me to do.”

“But there is one giant piece of knowledge I will tell you.”

“Info that should give you exactly what you are looking for.”
“That knowledge comes from an ancient doctor by the name of Sushruta.”

“We came across his writings and research in the lab over two decades ago.
“I had heard about his writings since I was in medical school most thought his writings were a thing of legends.”

“For centuries his writings were either lost or mistranslated. When they arrived in medical circles in the western world it flipped everything on its head. Forcing us to re-evaluate everything we thought we knew.”

“The writings described what he called the “Three Invisible Enemies” of high blood sugar levels.”

“But once the corporate heads got wind on Sushruta’s game changing writings. They pulled the plug on all the proposed research we requested based on his writings.”

“I believe they did so because within his writings were dozens of all-natural treatments for type 2 diabetes.”
“One of the other things I will tell you is, his writings in the Susruta-Shamita are the foundation for almost all the medical breakthroughs in modern medicine over the past 40 years.

“As a friend and someone I love, I am going to give you the copies of the documents I have and help you with the clinical research and investigation of his writings.”

I was in shock.

You mean to tell me big pharma has been hiding the truth on how to reverse type 2 diabetes and heal hundreds of millions of people across the globe?

All in the name of money.

The thought of this made me sick.

I felt betrayed.

I grew up and lived with the utmost trust in our doctors and our medical system.

The thought that Dr. Carter and hundreds of other medical researchers are puppets for big pharma enraged me.
The fact that I proudly worked in the medical industry almost my entire career now disgusted me…

Almost to the point that I wanted to quit my job at the research lab.

I now began to realize that none of this is my wife Susan’s fault nor is it yours or any other type 2 diabetic.

We have been lied to this entire time.

My anger though was quickly overcome by joy and optimism.
As there was now hope that we could save my wife’s life.

What Dr. Carter had given me access to could potentially be the solution I have been desperately searching for.

It made sense that an ancient disease as old as type 2 diabetes…

Can be defeated with ancient remedies that our ancestors used in the past…
When type 2 diabetes was eliminated in humans much more effectively.

So Dr. Carter and I went on a mission…

To discover what were the 3 invisible enemies of high blood sugar levels that Sushruta mentioned in his writings.

We knew in order to save Susan’s life along with millions of other type 2 diabetics…

We needed to figure out how to attack all three of the invisible enemies at their root cause and eliminate them from the body for good.

Right away I could tell our work was cut out for us as the amount of Sushruta writing was endless.
His writings in relation to type 2 diabetes and other medicinal ailments in the Sushruta Samhita…

Are some of the most thorough and important surviving ancient dissertations on medicine.

In its surviving form the complete 184 chapters in the Sushruta Samhita contains…
Descriptions of 1,120 illnesses with treatments for each one…

700 medicinal plants with their application and usefulness…

64 preparations from mineral sources and 57 preparations based on animal sources.

It’s considered the foundational basis of all modern medicine.
Around the 5th century BC he identified type 2 diabetes by using the term “madhumeha” (honey-like urine).

Becoming one of the first ever to do so.

He pointed out not only the sweet taste of the urine in diabetics..

But also its sticky feeling to the touch and its ability to attract ants.

He discovered that type 1 diabetes is due to genetic factors and type 2 primarily being due to lifestyle factors.

Sushruta further found…

That type 2 diabetes affected the rich castes in his land more so than others, and it was related to the excessive food.

As you can see their is a reason he is known as the “father of medicine” and the “father of surgery

His abundant inventions and developments for surgical procedures garnered him that name.

Sushruta practiced medicine in northern India in the region of modern-day Varanasi (Benares) near the banks of the Ganges River around 400bc to 800bc.
His original literature remained preserved for many centuries only in his mother language…
Which prevented the spreading of his knowledge and findings to the rest of the world for centuries.

Later the original text was lost then rediscovered in the eighth century A.D. where it was translated into Arabic in (A.D.753 -774).

The first complete English translation was in 1907.

Even then, the text was unknown in the West until the late 20th century…

When the “Bower Manuscript” exhibited it in the famous Oxford museum.

The Bower Manuscript was named after Hamilton Bower, the English army officer who purchased the Sushruta Samhita in 1890 CE.

Even before Sushruta Samhita writings were brought to the west in Bower Manuscript …

British officials and soldiers in India had written home about the startling findings of Sushruta.

Despite this Sushrutas conclusions remained relatively unknown..
They did not receive international attention until recently.

This is around the time Dr. Carter and other fellow U.S. based doctors got their hands on the findings.

Dr. Carter and I spent months living, breathing and researching the ancient writings of Sushruta.

Unfortunately, we could not completely put together what exactly were the three invisible enemies of high blood sugar levels…
And more importantly how to treat them.

The English written copies also did not translate his writings and findings exactly how they were originally…

Making it more difficult to figure out.

In addition…

Throughout the centuries his writings were lost or left out…

As different versions moved their way throughout the globe.

We did come across clues. 

Clues that led us to believe we were close to putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

But each time we thought we had it all put together something was missing.

There were several herbs, flowering plants, minerals and spices…

That were consistently being mentioned in his writings as it relates 
to type 2 diabetes.

So we started to put our research and energy in that direction.

We knew it was going to be a tough feat to figure out.

Which exact ingredients to use…

In what combination….

And exactly how much to use of each ingredient.

Despite it being quite trivial we took a shot at it.

My wife at this point had nothing to lose. 

Her health was deteriorating with each passing day.

It pained me to see her in this state knowing that she was so desperate for a solution.
We began testing various combinations of the super powered ingredients from Sushruta’s writings. 

Different blends and combinations of the all-natural spices, herbs, minerals and ingredients….

With hope that it would destroy the 3 invisible enemies of high blood sugar levels Sushruta wrote about.

We gave the blended formula to my wife.

The results were mixed.
Some days she experienced stable blood sugar levels.

Other days her blood sugar levels were erratic jumping from 140 mg/dl to 190 mg/dl after meals.

This while not the remedy we were looking for did have potential. 

We all remained with hope and god as we were making progress.
This combination of ingredients at the very least…

Was having a positive short-term effect on her blood sugar levels.

Unfortunately, though she had no consistent long-lasting results.

We had a sense as to which ingredients we needed but without knowing what exactly the three invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes were…

It was going to be very difficult to develop the exact formula that we needed.

We knew this was a test against time.

My Susan’s health was withering away at each passing day.

She was becoming immobile and could hardly walk up our stairs to go to bed at night without help.

We knew we needed to get the perfect mix of ingredients….

As it could be her last and final hope to taking back control of her health and stabilizing her blood glucose levels.

We did not give up hope.

Then one day I brought to Dr. Carter's attention a word I kept seeing in his writings. It was “Jigar”.

Jigar in Hindu means liver.

This struck a chord with Dr. Carter and he stared at me and pumped his fists in excitement-

“I got it”

A shot of adrenaline pulsated through my body seeing his reaction…

What was it exactly that he got?

With that clue it led him to connect it to the two other invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes.

We discovered that they are-

  • Enemy number 1- Overacting Lipids that hijack the pancreas 
  • Enemy number 2 - Fatty Liver 
  • Enemy number 3 - Low Beta Cell Production
I will give you more details on all three of these in a moment.

A huge sense of relief overtook us…

As progress continued and the secrets within Sushruta’s writing were starting to unfold.

We had now achieved the first and one of the biggest steps in our research!

Discovering the three invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes that Sushruta kept mentioning in his writings was huge!

We now had to figure out how to fight off these 3 enemies in order to achieve healthy and stable blood sugar levels.

So, our research shifted back…

To finding what exactly were the all-natural ingredients in Sushruta writings that would do this.
Dr. Carter discovered that there was one ingredient that stood out from the rest.

We re-shifted our focus and energy on that. 

As we began crafting what could be our last attempt at a formula to save my wife’s life…

More pieces of the puzzle began coming together.

We began seeing a pattern.

The most mentioned spices, herbs, exotic plants, minerals and ingredients in his writings…

Were all the prerequisites for most of all today’s synthetic drugs doctors prescribe to patients.

Ingredients that the prescription drugs you are fed never include…
Because they are more expensive and affect big pharma’s profits.

Based on this we believed this was exactly where our all-natural solution to attack the 3 invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes was.

We had to give it one last shot to see what type of effectiveness it would have on my wife.

She began her trial.

The first day we noticed a minimal drop in her blood sugar levels but enough to give us some initial hope.

After a few days there was not that much of a difference from the first couple days.

We remained patient and optimistic.
The good news was her levels were not as erratic as before.

Then as we entered her first full week taking our all-natural solution…

She experienced a huge drop in her after meal and fasting blood sugar levels.

Her fasting was at 102 mg/dl and her after meal was at 155 mg/dl.
Not perfect but she had not seen levels like this since she was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

I could see a shift in her demeanor as improvement was starting to take place on a daily basis.

But now for the tough part. 

We needed to know that these levels were sustainable…

For it to be the exact solution we needed to save her life and help millions of other type 2 diabetics.

We needed to also make sure that even after a big bowl of pasta or burger and fries…

That this solution would keep her blood sugar levels under control.

As we entered the third week her numbers began to continually drop and stay more and more stable.

Then I remembered it like it was yesterday…..

It was a cool spring evening.

After dinner we were enjoying the sunset on our porch when she did another 

As she turned to look at me and tell me the results her mouth 
was wide open with a complete look of shock on her face.

I asked, “Honey what are you seeing?”

She showed me her blood sugar reading monitor.

It was at 135 mg/dl and that was right after we 
shared a large domino’s pizza together.

We could not believe it!

We were ecstatic…

We embraced each other with the biggest hug and 
tears of happiness…

For what felt like hours of pure and utter joy and 

Then I remembered it like it was yesterday…..

It was a cool spring evening.

After dinner we were enjoying the sunset on our porch when she did another 

As she turned to look at me and tell me the results her mouth 
was wide open with a complete look of shock on her face.

I asked, “Honey what are you seeing?”

She showed me her blood sugar reading monitor.

It was at 135 mg/dl and that was right after we 
shared a large domino’s pizza together.

We could not believe it!

We were ecstatic…

We embraced each other with the biggest hug and 
tears of happiness…

For what felt like hours of pure and utter joy and 

As she continued with our all-natural solution…

Each passing day her energy levels were increasing….

She was going for walks around our neighborhood….

Layers of fat were melting off her body each passing week….

Her entire body composition was transforming….

By the end of the first month she has lost 22 pounds.

I was witnessing a miracle right before my eyes.

She no longer was pricking her fingers after every meal.

When she visited her doctor, he could not believe what he was seeing.

He told her to keep up whatever she was doing because it was working.

She was finally free from the grips of type 2 diabetes

She happily ditched her toxic expensive meds.…

That did nothing but give her bad side effects and discomfort.

She was back to eating her favorite foods again without remorse or regret.
Her vigor for life returned as if we were back in college together…. 

Our sex life was back after being absent for years.

Our dream of a happy and healthy retirement under the Florida sun was now closer to becoming a reality.

She was now even taking our grandchildren to the park every weekend and playing with them as if she had the same youth and vigor that they had.
She went from being a burden on the family to now the hero of the family.

It was such a relief and joy for the entire family!
When I reported all this back to Dr. Carter …

He knew we had unlocked the secret key to what Sushruta had spoken about in his writings.

He knew that we had found the perfect all-natural ingredients…

With the exact amounts of each one…

To execute the perfect job of destroying the 3 invisible enemies of high glucose levels.

I am sure if Sushruta were alive today…

He would have a huge smile on his face seeing what we had just discovered and accomplished.

Knowing that his writings over 2,000 years later are still saving and improving lives.
I am also sure he would be disgusted and in shock if he knew what today’s modern doctor’s resort to when treating type 2 diabetes….
Toxic pills synthesized and filled with chemicals…

All being fed to patients at the first opportunity given…

Pills that only control the disease.

The entire system is set up for diabetics to keep coming back for more and more.

More sales of insulin, oral agents, injectables, insulin pumps, pricey test strips, and new glucose monitors only fattening the pockets of big pharma executives.

Dr. Carter and I realized that my wife Susan was only one person… 

In order to save more lives and rid others of the three invisible enemies of high blood sugar levels…

We would need to run clinical trials on others as well.
To do this we began by contacting type 2 diabetics in our local community to be a part of our trials.

We ran ads in local online classifieds.

We were able to get 100’s of ecstatic volunteers to take part.

It was to no surprise that so many other type 2 diabetics like my wife….

Were so eager to free themselves from the chains of type 2 diabetes….
And the expensive meds, finger pricks and hopeless solutions that come along with the disease.

The trials with this group of type 2 diabetics and pre diabetics were done with the industry gold standard…

We ran double blind studies on all our patients!

Not to our surprise.….
Everyone who followed our simple 5 second daily habit…

Experienced stable blood sugar levels and a burned weight off their body like Susan did.

The average weight loss in our double blind study was 31 pounds.

We now knew we were ready to deliver our all natural solution to the world!
The truth about type 2 diabetes is healthy blood sugar is not luck of genetics…

You do not have to eat salads, workout 2 hours a day or have the metabolism of a 19-year-old to be able to eat what you want.

See what a few people from our double-blind study had to say about their results-

Sean F, 
Madison, Wisconsin:

"I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2015. Diet, exercise, meds, etc did not seem to bring down my blood sugar. I saw this product. I thought to give it a try for 1 week and I did not think it would work but to my surprise my bs decreased from 120 to 80 in the evening and 130 to 90 in the morning. I have more energy and I lost weight. I am going on 3 weeks and I can't wait to tell my pcp and my endocrinologist about this."

Tanya F,
Mobile, Alabama:

"My sister mentioned she had a daibetic friend at work that saw this website and it completely changed her health and her life. So I decided to give it a shot and why not nothing else was working for me. By the end of the first month I had dropped 12 pounds and my a1c level was at 5.4. By the third month I was off all my meds. By the 6th month I had lost 32 pounds. I was now able to eat freely without concern. If you suffered from type 2 diabetes for years like myself don’t wait like I did... take advantage of it now. "

So we did it!

Dr. Carter and I created a done for you solution

With the exact same formula and blend of ingredients that gave my wife Susan her health and life back.

Our done for you remedy to date has now helped 76,367 type 2 diabetics across the world…

Control their blood sugar levels…

Melt pounds of stubborn fat off their body…

Rejuvenate and revitalize energy levels…. 
And most importantly bring peace, health and happiness to so many lives and families…

That are now no longer concerned with their blood sugar levels controlling their lives.

So you are probably wondering what exactly is this the main ingredient that Sushruta kept mentioning…

That rids the body of the three invisible enemies of high blood sugar levels?

White Mulberry Leaf

White Mulberry Leaf combats the three invisible enemies of high blood sugar levels right at its core.

The first of the invisible enemies is the Overactive Lipids that hijack the pancreas –

These lipids when becoming overactive in your system causes the body to go in defense mode.
Those irritated cells then lead to inflammation and unbalanced blood sugar…

That then hijacks the pancreas of functioning as it was meant to.

Have you wondered why you experience so many aches and pains as a type two diabetic?

Indivisible enemy number one these overactive lips is one of the biggest reasons.

White Mulberry Leaf with its healing properties gives a natural balance of inflammation in your cells…

Which keeps your A1C levels in control and your pancreas healthy.

According to a study published in the National Center for Biotechnology Information, White Mulberry Leaf lowers the activity of these certain proteins and lipids. It prevents inflammation in your body and helps control blood sugar levels.1

A scientific review, published by the American Diabetes Association, declared that, “studies have shown that ingestion of mulberry leaf produced significant reductions in blood glucose increases and maintained a healthy balance in the pancreas.”2

By stabilizing these overactive lipids and erratic sugar levels…

White Mulberry leaf delivers the combo needed to eradicate invisible enemy #1 of type 2 diabetes.

There is a reason Sushruta writings quoted this exotic flowering plant so many times.

The turnkey solution it offers for healthy blood sugar levels…

Was exactly what we were searching so long and hard for.
Overactive Lipids that hijack the pancreas causing inflammation and high blood sugar levels…
Is only the FIRST of the three invisible enemies.

The second invisible enemy is the fat deposits that strangle your liver a.k.a. “Fatty Liver Disease” 

Excess calories leads to excess fat in the liver. As a result, the liver responds poorly to insulin and the body produces too much glucose.

Causing high blood sugar levels.

At the same time excess fat in the liver increases the normal process of export of fat to all tissues.

In the pancreas, this excess fat causes the insulin producing cells to fail.

Thankfully White Mulberry Sushruta’s miracle gift to type 2 diabetes…

Also eliminates these fat build ups that lead to unhealthy blood sugar levels.

Elsevier one of the world's major providers of scientific, technical, and medical information – discovered that Mulberry lowers body weight and prevents new fat deposits from forming. 3

Another study published by United Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology showed that- White Mulberry Leaf contributed to healthy blood sugar, and lower plasma lipids (fatty acids) 4 – the type of fat loves to attach and suffocate your liver.

As mentioned, the third invisible enemy of type 2 diabetes is Low Beta Cell Production.
Beta cells main function is to produce and secrete healthy levels of insulin – the hormone responsible for regulating levels of glucose in the blood.

The big problem associated with type 2 diabetes…

Is that it causes beta cells to stop functioning properly and eventually fading away.

So in order for these beta cells to function they need to be activated again.

That is where White Mulberry Leaf comes into play once again.

BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies discovered White mulberry leaf consumption maintains insulin levels and pancreatic Beta-cell mass by suppressing endoplasmic reticulum stress in Type 2 diabetes mellitus. 5

So White Mulberry Leaf supports healthy blood sugar levels with a triple threat combo

By eliminating overacting lipids that hijack the pancreas, removing fat deposits on the Liver and increasing beta cell production.

White Mulberry Leaf is the natural gift that keeps on giving!

It’s properties also include other benefits, such as supporting healthy blood pressure

Researchers done by International Journal of Pharmacology showed that White Mulberry Leaf treatment supports healthy blood pressure and protects against blood pressure spikes! 6

I would like to call this finding a miracle but it’s not.
That’s because Sushruta’s ancient writings laid this all out for us.

It was a matter of uncovering his findings to serve the purpose it was meant to when it was written over 2,000 years ago.

It also shockingly made me realize that….

My wife Susan and millions of other type 2 diabetics and pre diabetics…

Are trapped in an endless spinning wheel of what is modern day medicine. A system that only provides…
  • Handfuls of pills…
  • Machines for monitoring blood sugar levels...
  • Finger pricks…
  • ​Endless Prescription refills…
  • ​Costly medical bills…
While all along the key to healthy blood sugar levels has been hiding in plain sight for thousands of years.
The science behind White Mulberry Leaf is astonishing…

But remember there are also several other ingredients in our all-natural solution…

The same ones that Sushruta kept mentioning in his writings.
We combine these exact ingredients with a precise blend… 

In order to extinguish the three invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes as he described.

The next ingredient from Sushruta writings is called Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd), ….

Which is a tropical and subtropical vine of the family Cucurbitaceae.
It supports your body’s natural balance of insulin sensitivity and insulin resistance.

A medical study published by Science Direct
found that bitter melon increased cellular uptake of glucose and improved glucose tolerance. Bitter Melon also supports a natural, healthy inflammatory state in your cells. 7

And that's not all…
Normal exercise activates AMPK in muscle…

Which in turn mediates the movement of glucose transporters to the cell surface…

A very important step in the uptake of glucose from the circulation into tissues in the body.

This is a major reason that exercise is recommended as part of a treatment program for someone with Type 2 diabetes.

The four compounds isolated in bitter melon perform a very similar action to that of exercise, in that they activate AMPK.8

Meaning that Bitter Melon has similar effects on the body that exercising has for type 2 diabetics.

The third ingredient in Sushruta’s type 2 diabetes destroying compound is-

Gugull (Commiphora wightii)

Guggul is a flowering plant in the family Burseraceae…

Which produces a fragrant resin called gugal, guggul or gugul, that is used in vedic medicine.

Combined with Bitter Melon it helps maintain your natural insulin sensitivity. By breaking down carbs and sugars before completely entering the bloodstream.

A study by Life Science journal showed that…

Guggul has natural fat boosting properties.

Research published by both the University of Michigan Medicine and University of Georgia concluded…
“Guggul is an effective bioactive molecule to suppress body weight, improve insulin and lipid sensitivity, ultimately leading to regulate body weight.”9

So, it is not only fighting against erratic blood sugar levels…
It is also melting stubborn fat off your body, correcting your body's deficiencies by helping restore normal metabolic activity and making weight loss easier.

Bringing back the body you have longed and desired for.

The combination of these 3 super powered type 2 diabetes destroying ingredients is exactly what Sushruta wrote about…

When he mentioned stabilizing the 3 invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes from the body.

So while some of these super ingredients can be found at local stores…

Getting it from the right source with the pure quality needed…

To have the true effects Sushruta intended for them to have is a bit harder to do and very expensive.

That was not an option for myself and Dr. Carter…
Especially knowing that type 2 diabetics and pre diabetics needed a done for you solution of the highest quality. 

One that….
Has no guesswork…

No sourcing problems…

No cost concerns


No quality issues…

This all had to be accomplished in order to achieve maximum results with our product.

So, today I am proud to present to you Blood Sugar Blaster!

It is a done for you natural proprietary blend of the 3 type 2 diabetes busting powerful extracts and nutrients…

That eliminates the three invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes.

Plus 17 other added ingredients with a highly efficacious blend of herbs, nutrients, vitamins and minerals…

To enhance the effects of the three main ingredients putting your results in overdrive.

All improving your insulin sensitivity, boosting your fat loss and healing your body from the inside out.
Blood Sugar Blaster is the purest and highest quality supplement you have ever taken. 

Dr. Carter and I formulated it with great care and precision...

To give the perfect ratio of 20 concentrated ingredients clinically proven for maximum absorption.

All manufactured and produced in the U.S.A….

Designed to give a HIGH POTENCY unique combination.

Every step of the formulation was taken to ensure you get…
  • 100% Natural Proprietary Blend Of Powerful Natural Nutrients And Plant Extracts
  • NO Dangerous Stimulants Or Toxins
  • ​No Tolerance Forming
  • ​100% Plant Based Capsule Contents
  • ​Manufactured in the USA
  • ​GMP And FDA Certified Facility
  • ​Non-GMO
In An Easy To Swallow Capsule! 

Blood Sugar Blaster is clinically proven and specially designed for all stages of type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. 

Included are…

People who have tried everything they can think of to maintain healthy blood sugar levels but have yet to find a solution.

Blood Sugar Blaster also comes with preventive properties…

Properties that will shield your body from ever experiencing high blood sugar levels.

Remember 1 out of every 10 people in the U.S. are diabetics…

Even worse is 1 out of every 3 are pre-diabetics and most don’t even know it.
So even if you are not currently suffering from erratic blood sugar levels…
But are worried you could be in the future then Blood Sugar Blaster is for you.



I know that might sound too good to be true, and that’s understandable….
Because most new customers are skeptical in the beginning.

But see for yourself why so many people are raving about Blood Sugar Blaster…

John Q,
Colombus, Ohio:

"This is a super good product for lowering one's blood sugar. I have been a pre-diabetic for several years from time to time, but after using Blood Sugar Support Supplement, my numbers came in the normal range! So happy!"

Dallas, Texas:

"This stuff is amazing. I've only been using it a few days and already notice a drop in my blood sugar levels. I've been a diabetic for 12 years and just started using this so to see this kind of improvement in a few days while having been a diabetic for 12 years, I say this stuff really works!!!"

Richard F,
Seattle, Washington:

"I was diagnose with high blood sugar recently for the first time in my life. I'm 48yrs old. Type 2 diabetes runs in my family. I never knew I would get it, nevertheless my doctor said it was at an all-time high 275+and I need to be on meds. I rejected the doctors offer and ask if he can give me a month to get it under control and get it rechecked. I ordered blood sugar blaster and started taking it together with my diet. My doctor gave me the tester to check my blood level at home. After a week of taking it 1 in the morning before breakfast and 1 in the afternoon before lunch. I would check it in the evening. Surprisingly it was at 102,105 and one time at 98. And after I eat dinner it would go up to 120-128 depending on what and how much I eat. Fast forward a month later I went back for my recheck and it was normal. Doctors advice if I keep up with whatever I'm doing healthy eating and exercise I'll be fine. It really works!! I'll be ordering another bottle soon."

We are not #1 rated for customer satisfaction and results for no reason!

We cut no corners with production of Blood Sugar Blaster.

We use only the highest quality ingredients

All extracted by hand at natural and organically sustained locations across the country.

Each batch is hand measured…

To give you the precise amount of Type 2 Diabetes busting ingredients exactly the way Sushruta intended it to be.

Of course, you could source all these ingredients on your own.

Most are available in stores or online.

But then you will have to worry about the quality of the sources, exact measures and combination of ingredients.
Not to mention the cost…
Which will be a lot more expensive than our done for you solution if you were to buy each individual ingredient on its own.
Here’s How It Works
honey on spoon
Take two Blood Sugar Blaster capsules a day, one in the morning and one before bed.
Sound simple enough? That’s because it is.
For 5 extra seconds of your time every day you can live free of type 2 diabetes forever!
Due to us sourcing only the precise amount of finest ingredients….

With maximum purity and potency for optimal body absorption.

Producing this unique blend of type 2 diabetes banishing nutrients is costly and causes us to have strict limits on the amounts we can produce.

We are only able to produce 4 batches of Blood Sugar blaster a year….

But so, you can kickstart your road to recovery I am going to give you access to Blood Sugar Blaster today!
Our customers with the most long-term results choose either the 3 or 6 bottle option.

3 bottles to guarantee your high blood sugar levels are gone for years to come...

Or our most popular 6 bottles which will kick your recovery into high gear…

Eliminating the 3 invisible enemies of unhealthy blood sugar levels….

Locking in and protecting your results for life…
Melting excess fat from your body for good…. 

Flushing away years of high glucose damage forever and reversing the clock on all prior damage.

There is one thing I must warn you about –

The cost to concentrate these plant extracts, herbs and minerals into a single daily capsule was costly... 

But our goal is to make it as affordable as possible... and available to everyone.

I am happy to tell you that right on this page today only….

I will also give our steepest discount possible. The discounted pricing options are only available to first-time customers like yourself!

Blood Sugar Blaster is normally $99 a bottle…

Even at that price it is a bargain.

As humans we cannot put a price tag on our health and family, as we have nothing without the two.

We don’t want to let a price tag get in the way of you taking back your health.

To make it even easier on you, we are offering you a limited-time, exclusive discount, but…

It’s only available on this page, 

I ask that you act now…

As I am not sure how long it will be…

Until the big pharma tycoons catch wind of the website and do everything in their power to take it down.

Dr. Carter and myself made it our mission…

To help as many type 2 diabetics as possible with our inexpensive, done for you groundbreaking all natural solution...
So, despite going against the recommended price other medical experts and colleagues said we should charge for Blood Sugar Blaster….

You won’t pay $99 per bottleor even $79… Your total investment today is…

Just $69 per bottle

That’s $30 off the regular price!

The discount does not stop there!
If you take action today and select six bottles of Blood Sugar Blaster, I will give it to you for $49 per bottle with no strings attached.

That’s $49 a month, just a little over $1.50 a day for a 6 months supply of Blood Sugar Blaster.

Less than one night out at the movies.

To take advantage of this one-time opportunity simply choose the option you prefer below, and we will ship it out immediately to your front door.

You are just days away from experiencing the incredible benefits only Blood Sugar Blaster can provide.


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That's why I recommend buying in bulk and save BIG!

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I understand you might be skeptical...

That an all-natural solution can control your blood sugar levels, burn stubborn fat off your body and restore your overall health.

After all you have been lied to by your doctors and big pharma your entire life.

We are so excited for you to try this amazing solution. 
We are going to offer you the opportunity to try Blood Sugar Blaster for 60 days risk free.
If don't love Blood Sugar blaster . We'll give you every dollar back as a 100% full refund, even if the container is completely empty. No questions asked. Just let us know within 60 days. 

It does not stop there. On top of all of that if you order today, I will include for you these health boosting FREE bonuses.


The Complete Blood Sugar Protocol

Normally $47! Yours FREE When You Order Now

When you invest in Blood Sugar Blaster today as an added bonus for you, I will include – The Complete Blood Sugar Protocol .
Bullet proof and protect your new Blood Sugar levels forever with….

The Complete Blood Sugar Protocol book.

There is no margin for error when it comes to your health.

The info and knowledge you will get in this protocol…

Combined with the results you will get from taking Blood Sugar Blaster….
Will ensure you will get the blueprint and step-by-step action plan needed….
To manage, control & begin supporting your blood sugar naturally….

With healing foods, tricks, and tips.

This #1 rated protocol for customer satisfaction will give you the head start you need to manage your blood sugar levels from the very first day.

It’s an all in one guide that…

When combined with Blood Sugar Blaster…

Will make stabilizing your blood sugar levels and living a long healthy happy life simpler than you could have ever imagined.

I can’t tell you how many people that are now part of the Blood Sugar Blaster family rant and rave about how helpful this book is.

It will give you tips and tricks that you never knew could make such a big change towards your health.



Rapid Weight Loss - The Keys to Body Transformation

Normally $37! Yours FREE When You Order Now

As you know, exercise plays a big role in your blood sugar health, as well as your overall health and wellness. That is why I am also including - Rapid Weight Loss - The Keys to Body Transformation.

This easy to read book will give you tips and tricks on how to get in the best shape of your life. 

You will be shocked at how basic and easy these exercises are.

Simple things that you can do every day…

That will shed pounds off your body and transform your physique into a fit and healthy one in a matter of no time.  
This done for you book when combined with Blood Sugar Blaster is like rocket fuel for you on your road to your healthier and happier life.

The advice in this book isn't some sort of quick fix to drop pounds only to gain it all back a month or two later.
The information in this book is for permanent long-term weight loss.

98% of people who followed the simple advice given in this book reported….

An increase in energy levels, boosted confidence, along with an extra 2 pounds of weekly weight loss while using Blood Sugar Blaster.

Just a few of the “health hacks” you will get in your book are-

Sleep and recovery tricks

Correct hydration levels to maintain daily for weight loss

Ways to better understand food labels to better understand what you are putting into your body

Plus, much much more!

In a matter of no time you will have the body you deserve!

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I ask that you act now before it is too late. Almost like it was for my wife Susan.

So today right now on this page you have 2 options…
Option 1: exactly as the mainstream healthcare system wants you to do. Carry on taking your meds and injections and continuing on that slippery slope.
Never providing you a fix or solution to your health only controlling your ailments at best.
With this path, you’ll never be freed of drugs….

Because that is not what the “system” is designed to do.

Instead, the “system” is designed to manage your type 2 diabetes, never fix it…

In order for you to keep moving along the conveyor belt set up by the corporate drug companies and the medical establishment.

You will continue to have type 2 diabetes and your health will continue to get worse….
As you spend more and more money every month on medications.

Missing out on family outings, events and vacations.
Instead, you can choose Option 2: The best option, the smart option, and the option that can save your life.
And that option is to invest a miniscule amount of money into the Blood Sugar Blaster Formula today.
Think about the thousands of dollars you will save each year being able to ditch your expensive meds and injections for good.

Just think of how much easier and more enjoyable your life will become.

No more blood sugar monitoring, test strips, insulin injections…

No more having to deny yourself the foods you love...

No more blood sugar spikes after eating your favorite food..

No more feelings of stress and hopelessness…

No more fear of body parts being amputated..

No more fear of having your life cut short..

No more added stress for your family...

No more sleepless nights...

No more missing out on family outings because you can’t keep up.

Put our product to the test completely risk-free. And change your life.

Thanks to Blood Sugar Blaster, my wife Susan and thousands of others now have none of that in their lives.

If not for yourself, do it for the people in your life.

Be there to share special moments like graduations and weddings with them.

Don’t let type 2 diabetes rob you from a single minute with those you love.

In fact, here’s what a recent customer –
Russ W. from California – shared with me the other day:

Russ W
to Dan
“Since I began taking Blood Sugar Blaster three months ago, I’ve been able to keep my blood sugar levels nice and healthy. It works better than I ever imagined. I am now saving hundreds of dollars monthly by no longer having to take the same meds that my doctor kept prescribing me for years. Thanks again!!” 

Pat M. from Illinois said:

Pat M
to Dan
“Wow is all I can say! I was skeptical to try Blood Sugar Blaster at first. I had tried all sorts of other supplements and nothing worked but after hearing about Dan and Dr. Carter's discovery it all made sense. I thought since I had been a diabetic for over 30 years my results would take a while. But boy was a wrong. Within the first month my post meal levels were at 120 mg/dl and that was with ice cream for dessert. To say Blood Sugar Blaster has changed my life would be an understatement. I am so thankful I found this presentation. I believe it truly saved my life.” 
I am happy to say that to date we have now helped 76,367 people fix their health, lose weight and control their blood sugar levels. 

That is 76,367 people I now consider as part of the Blood Sugar Blaster family.

This is NOT just another multivitamin, but a unique formula designed to very specifically…

Target the root cause of the three invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes, organ health, and nutritional deficiencies….

That are nearly impossible to correct with diet alone.

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Due to demand we have a hard time keeping product in stock. If you love Blood Sugar Blaster (I am sure you will) you might have to wait a LONG TIME to get your next order!
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So let’s recap on what you will get with your purchase of Blood Sugar Blaster
A done for you no nonsense all-natural solution that attacks the three invisible enemies of type 2 diabetes right at their core.

Over 50% off..Free shipping…60 risk free money back guarantee plus your Rapid Weight Loss and Complete Blood Sugar Solution bonus books free of charge.

You’ve got nothing to lose! Try Blood Sugar Blaster Risk Free! Just ask for your money back within 60 days of trying it if you’re not happy...
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Still not convinced. See what these satisfied Blood Sugar Blaster customers had to say

Juan Ramirez
Mexico City, Mexico

"I have been taking this for 4-5 months now and have been able to control my sugar levels without pharmaceutical medications. I can even enjoy sugary treats from time to time. If my sugar goes up or I know I will be going to a birthday party I can take extra pills."

Susan Mattias
Kansas City, Missouri 

"Very happy with the results. My blood sugar is stable, and I have more energy. Product is great. Looked up helpful vitamins and minerals and started buying them separately but found this product and all were included!"
If you have come this far, I get a sense that you are smart enough to take advantage of this one time offer today.

With Blood Sugar Blaster you are NOT getting-

A dangerous drug with frustrating long-term damage...
A cheap supplement that has failed you in the past that you can find at your local grocery store...

A solution that delivers shorts term fix.

Or any nonsense like that...

Blood Sugar Blaster is Manufactured in the USA at an GMP And FDA Certified Facility in a Non-GMO Easy To Swallow Capsule!

The Regular Price of Blood Sugar Blaster is usually $99 a bottle...
Even at that price it is a true bargain knowing…

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Is it safe? Are there any side effects?

Yes-Blood Sugar Blaster has been taken by thousands of folks with no reported side effects. It contains only all natural ingredients.

Where is Blood Sugar Blaster manufactured?

It is manufactured in the USA with an FDA approved facility under the strictest of standards and under clean sterile conditions. The facility is GMP certified, which is a very tough and meticulous standard for good manufacture. This ensures only the purest, most quality product is produced.

Can I get it somewhere else online or at GNC?

No, Blood Sugar Blaster is only available online and is not found in any stores.

If Blood Sugar Blaster was sold in stores, it would have to be $200 per bottle to allow for retail profits. 

Because we only sell direct-to-consumer, you're able to get Blood Sugar Blaster at a significant savings.

What will I get with my purchase?

You will get the #1 rated all natural blood sugar stabilizing product out there. 

A product that was formulated with the precise ingredients and effectiveness that Sushruta laid out in his illustrious ancient writings. 

Plus, your two award winning FREE bonus books.

The Complete Blood Sugar Protocol and Rapid Weight Loss - The Key To Body Transformation.

Does Blood Sugar Blaster really work?

Yes. It’s scientifically proven.

Not only have we performed our double blind tests and research But Blood Sugar Blaster is also backed by research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, The Metabolic Research Group VA Medical center of the University of Kentucky, University of California Los Angeles, and dozens of other top scientific resources.

And if you scroll back up you’ll see plenty of peer-reviewed scientific research, and testimonials from several of our best reviews.

Why hasn’t my doctor told me about this?

Your doctor is probably a great person.

But the thing is, this information is cutting edge and isn’t even being taught in meds schools (yet).

On top of that your doctor is probably busy working with patients on a day to day basis.

Thus they probably aren’t aware this even exists.

How long will it be available for?

We can not guarantee how long Blood Sugar Blaster will be in stock for.

Due to sourcing only the finest and purest type 2 diabetes busting ingredients we can only manufacture Blood Sugar Blaster 4 times a year.

Blood Sugar Blaster is the only product that has been scientifically proven to stabilize blood sugar levels permanently.

So we ask that you act right now in order to get your order of blood sugar blaster in before supplies run out.

 Will it work for me?

Blood Sugar Blaster will work for anyone no matter their age, gender, or genetics.

So far, we’ve found that it doesn’t matter if type 2 diabetes has been running in your family for generations…

If you are newly diagnosed...

Or if you’ve struggled with type 2 diabetes for years.

The catch is, it only works when you stick to the easy-made solution.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

We have combined our years of medical and research experience, together with medical studies from top universities, to perfect this formula.

That is why we are confident it will work for you.

We believe in this product so much that you can try it risk free for up to 60 days…

If you do not feel a difference in your health, energy, and happiness… we will refund you 100%.

It does not matter if your bottles are EMPTY!

If you are not satisfied, we will give you back all your money. Just send us the empty/remaining bottle(s) within 60 days of your purchase and we will refund you to the last penny, no questions asked.

That is how confident we are that our product will work for you.

Our 60-Day, Empty-Bottle, Money-Back Guarantee lets you try our product without risking a thing.

Okay, I’m excited. How Can I Get Started?

To join, just click the “Add To Cart” button below.

Click that button and you’ll be taken to our full encrypted order form.

It only takes 60 seconds to enter your information…

And as soon as you’re finished your order will be processed immediately.

Are there any monthly charges?

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Suggested Use: as a dietary supplement, adults to two capsules daily with food.

Storage: Store this product in a cool dry place below 30°C (86°F). Keep out of reach of children. Do not use if the safety seal is damaged or missing.

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